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Review of Festival 2006

Festival Nõmme Jazz 2006



Though the three-days festival was  a little smaller than usually, it represented an

excellent selection of  high level musicians from the world as well as from



I am very pleased that Nõmme Jazz accomplished to offer the concerts with

specially prepared programs for Nõmme Jazz and also a little unusual concerts

and additionally as contrast the spontanious jamsessions.


Also the International Young Vocalists Contest was extraordinary by the high level of vocalists and the accompanying band as well.


The late night jamsessions were also a great pleasure and these are truly unique: in Estonia there is no other festival where on the stage the world acknowledged jazz legends and young musicians yet searching their way in jazz music can play side by side. In Nõmme Jazz this has always been favoured and instigated and this year it came to pass more actively than ever before.


A remarkable fact is that just to participate the jamsessions the Romanian virtuoso musicians, brothers Mihai (base) and Marian Petrescu (piano), came specially from Finland and gave a huge contribution to the great success of jammsessions.


At the final jamsession the musicians were got off the ground so they practically jammed in to the stage. The pianists David Kikoski and Marian Petrescu had quite a long ongoing piano duel.  At some pont the young musicians faced a little problem with accessing the stage, but they didn’t give in so easily. So at the moment when Estonian young musicians Peedu Kass (base) and Dmitri Nikolajevski (drums) were on the stage together with world names David Kikoski, Önder Focan and Ted Curson, one important mission of Nõmme Jazz was once again accomplished.


Toivo Unt

Nõmme Jazz, Artistic director




Impressions of festival  2006 jamsessions


Overall impression is that these jam sessions were FANTASTIC that I’ve never seen such interesting combinations of skillful musicians playing together hardly knowing each other in international bases.

And to get to know each other with whom never have met – here I have seen this many years and it is GREAT!


It is a real cultural exchange going on right now in Estonia; you have to keep it going!


Ryo Kawasaki






Nõmme Jazz festival is  succesfully and emotively finished.


We thank all the artists, partisipants, supporters!


Special thanks to Ryo Kawasaki for fantastic sound management!



Nõmme Jazz

Young Vocalists Contest 2006 prize winners:


1. Susana Raya  (Spain)

2. Daiva Starinskaite  (Lithuania)

3. Kadri Voorand  (Estonia)


 Audience favorite: Ferhat Öz  (Turkey) 

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